Welcome to Keff!  This website is the culmination of many years of research and experimentation arising from my passion and love of authentic hummus.

Originally created in the Middle East, hummus is still esteemed and prized as much as fine wines.

As hummus is becoming increasingly popular, my interest in preparing genuine hummus was fuelled by the disappointing offerings found in restaurants and supermarkets, whose use of preservatives, additives and creative flavourings distort and impair the true, magical taste of this wholesome food.

People constantly try to emulate, mostly without success, the authentic formula for making hummus.  Preparing delicious hummus is not just about mixing the basic ingredients of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and salt. Using the best quality ingredients is a given. Equally important is the understanding of how to combine the ingredients, in what quantities, the blending method and the effect of temperature on texture and taste.

At Keff we bring the rich flavours and authentic colours of the Middle East straight to your door, drawing from years of experience and culinary expertise.

From our humble beginnings making only hummus, we have extended our range and now offer a mouth-watering selection of Middle Eastern vegetarian dips and salads, many of which are vegan-friendly. 

Our limited menu has been created drawing inspiration from original Israeli and Arab cuisines.  We strive for excellence, focusing on the freshness of the finest ingredients without using preservatives or additives.  As we make our dishes early in the morning for same day delivery, you can be assured that our home-made products are of the highest quality. As our culinary standards do not permit the use of preservatives, shelf life is relatively short with most products having to be consumed within 1 – 3 days in order to appreciate the best flavour.

Keff products are available exclusively online. You will not find us on the high street and we do not have a shop or restaurant.  We provide home delivery within a limited area, so please check our website to make sure that we cover your postal address. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect your order from our premises in case we cannot deliver to you.

We hope you will love our products and have Keff with your friends and family!