Born in Tel-Aviv, I spent most of my life in the UK, gaining a degree in economics and MBA from City Business School leading to a full-time career in business.

My fascination with food and cooking developed from early childhood. I was particularly influenced by my mother, Abigail (a 7th generation Israeli), who is a wonderful, natural cook with incredible hands and acute culinary senses.  I can remember sitting on the counter top in the kitchen watching my mother cook and waiting, with excitement and anticipation, to taste her legendary meatballs out of a sizzling pan, or the sublime salmon pate that she effortlessly crafted amongst other delights and delicacies which she prepared for our friends and family.

It was during these formative years that my passion for hummus began.  My obsession with the taste of fresh hummus, drizzled with olive oil, garnished with a sprinkling of parsley and served with oven-baked pitta bread grew following a move to London in my teens, cultivating a lifelong desire and quest for the perfect hummus.

In 2014 I was invited, together with a group of specially selected chefs, on an exclusive hummus tasting tour of restaurants and small hummus bars in the old city of Jerusalem.  The tour included not only hummus tasting but also traditional Middle Eastern meze dips and salads. This culinary sampling inspired further travels to villages and towns across Israel in my search for the perfect hummus.  Eventually I came to the Carmel Market in Tel-Aviv and, on a narrow side street off the main bazaar, found a small hummus stall run by an Arab-Israeli called Halil.  Unlike traditional hummus preparation, Halil crushed the chickpeas by hand using a pestle before adding tahini. He then garnished it with olive oil, parsley and a wonderfully rich lemon sauce. This was then served with fresh fluffy pitta.  The taste brought instant gratification. I queued for a second helping and then approached Halil to ask if he would join me in London so that we could  cook together.

Halil’s initial reserve was understandable. He did not know me and also did not possess a passport.  However, my enthusiasm and gentle persuasion encouraged Halil to join me and he came to stay in my family home just a few weeks later.  Cooking and exploring new ideas and recipes together we produced an outstanding array of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, including dips, salads and meats.

This combined effort encouraged me to continue to refine and enhance my recipes, perfecting flavours and striving for ultimate quality and consistency with every dish.

Whilst my culinary journey is constantly evolving, I am keen to share my experiences with my customers in the hope that they will savour and appreciate my dishes as much as I have enjoyed preparing them.