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delicious, freshly-made hummus, dips and salads

Homemade with passion and delivered directly to your door

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Homemade locally to order by our chef and founder

Convenient tailored subscription boxes for regular doses of happiness

Hand delivered every Tuesday and Friday

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, crafted to our own exclusive recipes

Many products suitable for vegans

Keff, from the Arabic ‘Kef’, means fun, joy and pleasure. Also used in Hebrew with the same meaning and common in Middle Eastern street language.

Our authentic, freshly made Middle Eastern-inspired hummus is the epitome of happiness. We keep our menu small and focused, with an emphasis on quality and freshness. We make everything to order and deliver direct to our customers’ doors every week. Subscribe to happiness today.

Authentic wholesome flavours, quality ingredients and a great addictive taste

- Zac

The dishes from Keff are simple, delicious and I love them

- Cathy

The tastiest hummus around, best eaten with a spoon

- Daniel

Order before Wednesday, 29th 10:00, and you can collect on Friday, 31st.

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